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Cycle to Work Schemes

What is Cycle to Work ?

The cycle to work scheme is part of the Government's Green Transport Plan, a "tax break" which allows employers to provide cycles and safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit.  The scheme promotes the use of bikes as a healthy way to get to work and helps reduce environmental pollution.

How does it work ?

Employees actually hire the bicycles from their employer then purchase them outright at the end of the salary sacrifice period for a Fair Market Value payment.  The employer buys the bikes and any safety accessories at full retail price, including VAT, which they can reclaim in the normal way.  The balance is recovered from the employee's gross salary over 12 months.  Because the repayment is taken from an employee's gross salary, the repayment is free from tax and national insurance, which for most people means they say about 32% of the cost of the bike.

What next ?

Come in to see us to get a written quotation for the cycle and accessories you need.  You could be riding your new bike within 2 weeks.

Royal Borough of Kingston

We also offer Royal Borough of Kingston staff 10% off a new bike when they use the RBK bike loan scheme (although this offer isn't valid again a bike already on offer).

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